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A shooting pain in the hip can be one of the most excruciating ailments to deal with during the day. From awkwardly getting in and out of your vehicle to making a scene every time you sit down at your work desk, the hip pain causes not only discomfort but also embarrassment. As bad as the aches are during the day, they can be multiplied at night causing a poor night's sleep and continuing the cycle for a miserable day tomorrow. There are a few ways you can alleviate this nighttime pain in an effort to salvage a decent night's sleep.

Visit the Doctor
The first thing you need to do is seek out what's causing the pain. You might experience hip aches during pregnancy but conditions like osteoporosis don't usually cause pain. Visit a specialist to see if you have a hip fracture or muscle damage and follow the proper treatment.

Relax Before Bed
It's best to get in a good mindset before turning in for the evening – hip pain or not. Have a significant other give you a massage before bedtime or download a concentration and relaxation app to your phone for evening use. The clearer your mind, the less you'll concentrate on the pain.

Get Exercise During the Day if Possible
Exercise has a two prong approach – it tires you out so you'll sleep better and it can help rehabilitate the problems causing the hip pain. Try and get some sort of workout everyday, even if it's just resistance bands on the arms since your hip pain prevents other exercises.

See a Chiropractor

Noblesville chiropractor Dr. Dahlager can provide natural relief of hip pain related to osteoarthritis or nerve impingement. Chiropractic adjustments and exercise therapies were found to provide significant reductions in hip pain for patients with hip osteoarthritis in one study. Dr. Dahlager can also advise you on making lifestyle changes to prevent hip pain from recurring or worsening. These treatments have proven to be successful for many of his clients in Noblesville, IN.

One thing that's not recommended is to simply 'fight through the pain.' You need to know the causes and solutions to your hip ailments so that you can remedy it and start sleeping soundly again. Contact Noblesville Family Chiropractic to get out of hip pain and back to living healthfully again.