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Pain Management and Magnesium Noblesville IN

Pain Management Chiropractor, Noblesville, INScientists are reporting more and more about nutritional influences to control pain. For example, certain herbs and nutrients have already been proven to decrease pain. 

There are two very interesting studies about magnesium and pain management that Dr. Dahlager and his staff at Noblesville Family Chiropractic want you to know about:

Doctors want to control pain as much as possible after orthopedic surgery and use drugs called opioids for this purpose. However, there can be a lot of serious side effects from the opioids. 

In one randomized clinical trial of 60 patients who had orthopedic surgery of the knee, lower leg, foot or ankle, half the patients received the opioid while the other half received the opioid plus magnesium. They then observed the patients for their level of pain, sedation, nausea, vomiting and satisfaction with pain relief.

Those who received the magnesium along with the opioid were more satisfied with their pain relief than those who didn’t get the mineral, plus they had fewer nausea and vomiting side effects. The pain relief in the magnesium group was greater. 

When nerves are compressed continuously over time, the roots of the nerves in the spinal cord may become oversensitive and end up causing increased pain in the body. However, new evidence from scientific studies show that magnesium blocks this sensitization response. 

In a study performed by doctors at a medical university in Egypt, 80 patients participated in a double-blind, randomized  study to see what would happen if an IV of magnesium followed by oral magnesium supplements were given to chronic low back patients.  The patients had signs that their nerves had been compressed. 

All patients received three medications – anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and simple analgesics during the study. Half of the patients received a placebo while the others had an IV magnesium infusion for two weeks and then magnesium supplements for another 4 weeks. 

Here’s the really interesting part: Those who received the magnesium had a significant reduction in pain intensity (4.7 instead of 7.5 initially) at the six-month mark. They also had a significant improvement in range of motion in their lumbar spine.

Ask Dr. Dahlager if magnesium could potentially help you in your treatment and recovery plan. As your Noblesville chiropractor, Dr. Dahlager calls on chiropractic, exercise, and nutritional counseling to offer you the best natural pain relief. See for yourself how his holistic chiropractic care can boost your wellness-- give our office a call today! 



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