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Chiropractic for Chronic Pain in Noblesville IN

Chiropractic for Chronic Pain in Noblesville  INOften, people who are suffering from chronic pain are doing whatever they can think of to manage their pain, but when you look at what’s really occurring, there is no real pain management plan in place.

Up to a few decades ago, the most common approach to pain management consisted of going to the doctor and walking out of his office with instructions to use aspirin or prescription painkillers. Is this still your chronic pain management plan?

This drug-centered type of chronic pain management plan was in place long before dozens of medical devices were created that had the ability to decrease pain by influencing inflammation, increasing circulation to the area, and stimulating lymphatic flow to remove accumulated waste matter in the area of the injury. Frankly, it was the only one that was used for many years.

People got tired of this old way of thinking, seeing its shortcomings and weighing all the side effects. For example, one side effect of painkiller medications is internal bleeding because the walls of the stomach lining become thinner when the medications are used.

Now there are several drug-free options available like ultra devices, electromyography, TENS units, and even cold lasers that are all  capable of decreasing chronic pain and actually affecting the body in positive ways that lead to healing.

The chiropractic profession has embraced a drugless method of natural healing since its inception, and chiropractors are the best health practitioner for setting up a chronic pain management plan for you, no matter what type of pain you are experiencing.

Call Dr. Dahlager’s office in Noblesville, IN and set up an appointment to speak with him about your case and ask what his chronic pain management plan will be for you. He is happy to discuss the latest methods he uses to manage chronic pain, and tell you how they have been working on his patients.

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