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Back Pain from Work Injury in Noblesville IN

In Noblesville, IN, chiropractor Dr. Dahlager treats back pain daily, and reports that back pain is one of the many types of work injuries that chiropractic care may benefit greatly. 

On the job, there are a number of different ways you can hurt your back and end up with back pain:

  • Manual labor that involves lifting or moving items
  • Working at a desk that doesn’t fit your body
  • Standing for long periods of time without adequate foot support
  • A work injury where something falls from a shelf and hits you
  • A forklift or moving vehicle accident
  • Repetitive movements on the job

Back Pain from Work Injury in Noblesville, INTo recover completely from back pain after a work injury, you must have an accurate diagnosis made from asking all the right questions and doing all the right tests. Noblesville chiropractor, Dr. Dahlager is listed in the list of America’s Top Chiropractors and is outstanding not only in his educational accomplishments, but also in his deep desire to help patients relieve their pain and understand that chiropractic is natural, safe, and affordable.

Chiropractic care is the only health profession that takes a complete look at all the factors that may be interfering with a patient’s inability to heal and recover completely. It’s the only health profession that utilizes spinal adjustments to the vertebrae and joints in an effort to re-establish the connection of the nervous system to the tissues and organs. And it’s the only health profession that utilizes only totally natural and totally safe methods of pain relief.

Research shows that seeing a chiropractor for your back pain can help you return to work sooner, with a reduced chance of future disability. If you live in Noblesville and are looking for a chiropractor, Noblesville Family Chiropractic is the first place to visit for your back pain.