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Dr Dahlagers Secret Weapon for Herniated Disc

Dr. Dahlager’s Secret Weapon for Herniated Disc in Noblesville, INWhen a patient has a herniated disc Dr. Dahlager has a very specific method he uses that can make a big difference in recovery.

 He uses a very specific type of chiropractic table called the Cox flexion-distraction table, a table that was created by Dr. James Cox, D.C. in the 1960s. Not all chiropractors have this type of chiropractic table.

“One thing that has to be addressed for the disk to heal is the internal or external rotation of the herniated disk,” Dr. Dahlager said in an interview.

According to Dr. Dahlager, there have been studies that have shown that if the misalignment of the spine includes this internal or external rotation, the torque antagonizes the nuclear fibers of the disk. Without removing this rotation, the disk may not be able to completely heal.

With the Cox flexion-distraction table, you have a great ability to heal your herniated disc. The Cox table technique is a clinically successful method to relieve pain in the spine. What scientists have discovered is that there is a drop in the intradiscal pressure, which results in the lowering of pain. Another effect is also to widen the intervertebral foramen; thus, this method is not only for herniated disc but also for those with any type of pain that extends down the arms or the legs, whether it is severe or mild.

If you have a herniated disc, call Dr. Dahlager’s office to book an appointment today.

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