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If you have arthritis, you know the pain felt in your joints is no picnic. You want to do whatever it takes to reduce your discomfort and start feeling like your old self again. You’re not alone, as arthritis is one of the leading causes of disability among adults in the U.S. today.

Researchers from Virginia have found that people in rural areas are affected more by arthritis than those in non-rural areas. This could be because those in rural areas may be more involved in agricultural work, gardening, or work with large animals. They might have to perform duties for their job while on horseback, ride terrain vehicles, or be involved in shoveling snow more often too.

The researchers used previously collected data from a Medical Expenditure Panel Survey taken between 2007 and 2008 to find 12,440 cases where people in rural and non-rural areas reported on their visits to a doctor for their arthritis. There was a difference between the two categories of people.

There were twice as many people who lived in rural areas with arthritis that visited the chiropractor one or more times than those who had arthritis but lived in the cities. These rural residents with arthritis rated their health as excellent, very good or good, but the urban dwellers who did not go to chiropractor did not rate their health high at all.

There was one other comment noted by the researchers: The rural arthritis sufferers who went to the chiropractor paid more for health care than non-rural arthritis patients who did not go to chiropractor. These rural patients may have seen the definite use, practicality of going to see the chiropractor, and thought of the office visit as an investment instead of a liability.

Chiropractic is sometimes an investment in your health, like all quality health care, yet Dr. Dahlager manages to keep costs affordable. And of course, it’s a small price to pay to say your health is very good or excellent. Give our Noblesville office a call today to schedule your appointment.


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