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Whenever a person hurts their back at work or after lifting something heavy, the immediate amateur prognosis is a pulled muscle. However, herniated disc are an all-too common cause of lower back pain, especially in middle-aged and older adults, or overweight individuals. Herniated discs can happen in an instant if you bend awkwardly or lift something too heavy, or experience a significant blow to the back in a car accident. If you think you've experience disc herniation it's always important to see your Noblesville chiropractor or other medical professional, especially if you show these typical symptoms:

Pain – One of the reasons so many people seek treatment for a herniated disc compared to other ailments is that the pain can become unbearable. The aches from a lumbar disc herniation will often generate in the lower back. Some herniated discs can cause shooting pain down both legs because of contact to the sciatic nerve. Cervical disc herniation, in the neck region of the spine, will cause pain in the neck, upper arms, and shoulders. A medical procedure isn't always required but prescribed painkillers are often a must to get through the initial 2-4 weeks of recovery time.

Weakness in Legs – Another common sign of a herniated disc is a notable loss in leg muscle strength. This usually starts with a tingling or numbing that eventually spreads throughout the legs to the calves, ankles, and feet.

Numbness or Tingling in the Limbs: Pins and needles sensations in the arms or legs is a tell-tell sign of a pinched nerve. Disc herniation doesn't always result in a pinched nerves but in most cases, the affected spinal nerve will be irritated enough to cause pain.

Loss of Bladder or Bowel Control – Another type of herniated disc causes a severe type of root compression that is known as cauda equina syndrome. Symptoms of this include the loss of bladder and bowel control and requires medical attention immediately. The compressed nerve needs to be relieved as soon as possible, and it is considered an emergency situation.

Depending on the type of herniation, there may be drug-free ways to relieve the pain to make it tolerable immediately. Gentle stretching or walking might alleviate the aches as can laying down in a position that relaxes the spine and taking away pressure from the affected disc. Research shows that chiropractic adjustments as effective as epidural steroid injections for disc herniation, only without the added costs and risks.Seeing your Noblesville chiropractor sooner rather than later will also help to ensure you're correctly rehabilitation the injury from day one.