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Every day, we help patients in Noblesville who are suffering from back pain. Did you know that your attitude about back pain can actually hinder recovery?

What are your attitudes about back pain? Do you:

Believe that everyone gets back pain during their life so there’s no point of trying to prevent it?

Think it’s too much for your employer to care about ergonomics as it applies to your desk and chair at work, yet struggle with back pain every day at work?

Tell others who have back pain to forego the chiropractor’s visit but make sure they get to the medical doctor?

Any of these attitudes can interfere with how well you heal from an episode of back pain. For example, if you don’t pay attention to proper lifting, sitting, standing and lying in your bed, the delicate structures of the spine are going to eventually give out. This is inevitable. These muscles, disks, bones and ligaments can only take so much torque pressure or compression pressure before they give out. It’s a matter of physics, not opinion.

If you don’t pay attention to how well your body is fitting your desk at work because you don’t want to burden your boss, you’ll end up burdening him plus his wallet when you have back pain that necessitates workers comp payments. In this case, your back pain was an early signal that something was wrong, and a way to prevent future problems from mounting.

What you believe about back pain will influence your decisions about back pain. Think about it…but don’t think too long if you have it. Instead call our office in Noblesville today at (317) 214-7218 for a consultation.