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Many people with chronic conditions don't realize when they could benefit from pain management. That’s because what happens is someone first starts out taking an aspirin or other painkillers found in their bathroom medicine cupboard and finds it isn’t working. Next they finally make an appointment to go to the medical doctor and are prescribed painkillers.

The painkillers have side effects, but the people taking them have such a difficult time coping with their pain in their daily life that they take them. Their pain lessens a bit but it’s not enough.

By the way, painkillers interfere with the pain signals the brain is sending to you. Thus, it’s possible in many cases that the brain wants you to know your condition is serious and will still somehow break through the mask of the painkillers and increase your pain. If you’re at this point in the picture of pain, you need pain management.

Some people then go back to the medical doctor to get stronger medications. When they do, they now receive the prescription for the painkillers that are addictive, such as Valium and Percocet. These people need pain management, not more pain medications!

Pain management from a medical perspective is a matter of receiving stronger and stronger pain medications that are addictive. Pain management from a chiropractic standpoint is the opposite – what can be done naturally to stop the pain? Can a cold laser break up the inflammation and the scar tissue? Can exercises help build up the body so the pain of walking is less? Can a chiropractic manipulation restore the nervous system impulse to the body part that is hurt?

Try chiropractic pain management from your Noblesville chiropractor – it will give you a whole new way to look at pain management. It’s true pain management, without the negative side effects. Contact Noblesville Family Chiropractic today at (317) 214-7218. It's time show your pain the exit door!