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Are you wondering what sets Dr. Dahlager apart from other chiropractors in the Noblesville area? Here are five things you may not know about him:

  1. He will always use methods that are safe, natural and affordable. What’s most important to him is that you get proper treatment for your health issue, and do it as naturally as possible. Dr. Dahlager understands that the longer you have to stay on prescription medications for your pain, the more likely it is that you will suffer from additional health issues caused from them. He wants to prevent you from having additional pain wherever possible.
  2. Your chiropractor is knowledgeable on supporting your feet as well as your spine. Your bones are all connected to each other to make your body function as a whole. When you have a strong foundation in your feet, the easier it is for your spinal conditions to heal. Supporting your feet is as simple as inserting customized orthotics in your shoes to boost up fallen arches, correct over pronating feet, and alleviating foot pain.
  3. Dr. Dahlager is listed with America’s Top Chiropractors. It’s great to know that you are under the care of one of the best!
  4. Your chiropractor Dr. Dahlager has had extensive training in scoliosis, well beyond the usual training in chiropractic school. The sooner scoliosis is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can begin with the hopes of straightening the spine once again. (If you know of people in your circle who appear to have scoliosis, do let them know about your chiropractor. It could help them transform their life, and lessen their pain.)
  5. Your chiropractor has a big heart. He will do just about anything and everything if it means you will suffer less and get well sooner.So what are you waiting for? Give Dr. Dahlager in Noblesville a call today to start experiencing life without pain!